Sustainable growth and long term goals

I worked with Geoff over a seven month period concentrating on the sustainable growth and long term goals of my businesses. When I first met Geoff I was running two rapidly growing creative practices as a sole practitioner. I was feeling quite overwhelmed and was so busy I was only able to focus in immediate short term needs. Geoff helped me to consolidate my long term goals for each business and put into practice strategies that have helped me to consistently work towards the type of business that I want to run, while maintaining the balance between work and personal life. Geoff has been a wonderful coach and a fantastic sounding board. I have found that working with him has not only calmed my feelings towards the future of my businesses but also given me the confidence to look further and aim for success I did not feel was possible. I cannot recommend Geoff highly enough if you are looking for someone to help you work towards a sustainable and long term business strategy.