Testimonial 5

Executive Coaching has been critical to my professional development, first when I moved into a senior executive role in a major telecommunications company, and then some years later when I moved into strategic advisory/consulting work, (which I am still doing today). In both instances coaching was very helpful in both transitioning into the new role and performing successfully in that role on an ongoing basis. While at the end of the day the key insights and realisations I had from coaching were conclusions I reached myself, executive coaching provided a really helpful framework and environment for asking the right questions of myself and those around me, and in effective implementation of the key things we identified needed to be addressed for success and personal comfort/happiness in the roles.

The relationship with the two coaches I worked with in this way was such that solid friendships were formed and we still keep in touch today. As I got to know and trust the coaches I had a deep sense there was someone with no "skin in the game" I could go for helpful advice and to act as a sounding board. I can say without exaggeration that my professional experience and where I am today would have been less successful and not nearly so enjoyable without the guidance of a good coach.

Dr. Paul Paterson
Executive Director
PP Consulting Telecommunications Media