Testimonial 2

I first met Geoff Whytcross in 1997 when he was in the process of recruiting a senior executive role for an international fast food company. Although I decided not to pursue the role, Geoff and I formed a business friendship which has led to a very successful and structured career development pathway over a number of years .

Geoff and I have kept in touch and although I moved out of the retail industry and worked in an unrelated field, Geoff would call me every 6 months or so to ascertain where I was with my career and whether there was any interest in pursuing other opportunities.

In 2004, Geoff placed me as the CEO of Michel's Patisserie, one of Australia's largest franchised specialty food retailers. This turned out to be an excellent opportunity as after approximately 12 months, I headed up a syndicate of investors who acquired the business.

Geoff worked closely with me to recruit a number of key executives, he took time to understand the business and cultural direction required. The advice and appointments made during this period made a significant impact on the turnaround required within the organisation . This included advice regarding Board and senior mentoring appointments .

Geoff shows the ability to listen, he is not afraid to ask probing questions and is always open to learn about people and business. Geoff is generous with his time and will always take the time to meet with people so that he can give some career advice. Geoff has an excellent network of contacts.

I think Geoff's background in the human resources industry combined with his study in coaching psychology, gives him the ideal experience to become a very high quality Executive Coach.

John Livy
Former Managing Director
The Michel`s Group Australia