Leadership Coaching

Companies strive to have Leaders rather than Managers. Leaders create an environment that allows their people to flourish and through that the company grows in a positive and sustainable way.

Leaders live the company values and lead by example. They don’t demand performance; Leaders create an environment that encourages high performance. People want to work for leaders.

Coaching can assist you to transform yourself from a Manager to a Leader. It will allow you to define good leadership and then work with you to create the tools to undertake the transformation.

It doesn’t come easy, it takes hard work, it will be confronting and there maybe times that you would like to give up but through positive collaboration, transformation will take place.

Executive Development

Isn’t it time that you stood out from the crowd and used your experience to take a bigger role at your current company.

What is missing, what do you need to be promoted, why did you miss out last time?

These are some of the questions that we will look at in the coaching process to make sure that you are on the right course to take your career to the next step and beyond.

Coaching isn’t easy but the outcomes will be positive if you are willing to put in the effort to work collaboratively with your coach to shine the light on those hidden corners of your work life.

We will look at all areas of your life that have input into your career. This will include communication skills, motivation, health and fitness and work relationships. This is not for the faint hearted; this is a process that takes courage and hard work.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching isn’t about finding you another job. It is about working with a Coach to define your values and align those values with potential employers.

Developing a career is hard work. You need to work with a coach to learn what are your values, what are the cultures that you like working within and what leadership style allows you to flourish and grow.

This is hard work and doesn’t happen overnight but with effort and persistence, you can develop a career that not only gives you job satisfaction but creates an environment where you can create new skills and take your career to greater levels.

Using a Career Coach allows you to be challenged, receive validation, have your ideas evaluated and develop a plan to move forward.

This might require a paradigm shift in your thinking, a redefining of your values, a willingness to have your goals confronted but if you are willing to work with your coach, I can assure you the results will be positive.